Algorithm Design

Welcome to the first lesson of this course offered by HiredInTech!

If you intend to apply for a new job and attend tech interviews you need to have the right skills and be prepared for the specifics of the interview format.

In case you feel uncomfortable with any of these things this course will help you improve your skills and gain the needed confidence.

The course teaches you how to prepare optimally for your tech interviews. This includes theoretical lessons and practice tasks but also some valuable advice about some specific aspects of the tech interviews.

The Algorithm Design Canvas

We introduce the Algorithm Design Canvas, which helps you build a systematic way for solving algorithmic problems. This is especially helpful at tech interviews where you have a time cap and pressure on your shoulders.

Practice Tasks

We strongly believe that practice is key to becoming better and this applies when preparing for your tech interviews. All sections of the course cover some theory and most of them contain sample algorithmic problems and solutions for them. These should give you an idea of how to apply the theory to possible interview questions.

For real practice we always recommend to use a lot some of the existing online platforms that contain many algorithmic problems, grouped in cateogires, and ready to be solved by you inside your browser. One such platform is but there are many others.

Good luck with your preparation and let us know if you have any questions or find any issues.