At the interview

The general answer is: no way for sure. Interviewers are developers who have to go back to their desk and continue their work. There is no time to compile code especially if it was written on a whiteboard or a sheet of paper. Also, usually they don't really care if the code compiles. They can assess that by just looking at it. If there is a serious problem the interviewer will be able to spot it. After all, they are professionals and also they've seen many solutions to the same problems over time.

Yes, there is a typical structure for tech interviews at top software companies. The structure may depend on whether the interview is over the phone, or in person. It may vary a bit based on the company. However, there are some distinct patterns that occur at these interviews.

Usually, the tech interview would start with 5 minutes during which the interviewer introduces themselves. There may be some small talk about the weather, how you got to the office and so on and other stuff like that, which will break the ice, hopefully. You may also get a question related to your CV.

After that comes the part where the interviewer asks you technical questions and you solve them. This will probably last around 40-45 minutes. In the end you will most likely have 5 minutes or so to ask your questions, if you have such. And that should be it.

Of course, if the interview is for a PM or test position, the questions will be different than for a software development position but usually the structure stays the same.