After the interview

When most people receive an offer, they deal with it as if it were binary: they either take it or leave it. This is crazy!

Once you've been extended an offer, the fun part of negotiating your salary and benefits starts. Do you have offers from more than one company? Even better!

While we could create a whole other course on salary negotiation, we'd like to point you to a website that contains some useful content on this topic: Candor. There is some free advice on this site that can get you started.

The point is, don't just compare offers on face value: think about how you can negotiate a good deal for yourself.

And best of all, investing some time in learning the basics of successful negotiation will not only increase your chances of getting adequate compensation. It will also make you a better friend, spouse, parent, and person.

Many people wonder if they could ever get a job at a company where they got rejected. The answer is certainly yes unless you offended someone, for example. Of course, don't expect to apply again after a short period of time like a few weeks. But certainly this should be possible again after a number of months or a year, especially if you think something substantial has changed in your skills.

You may need to give a reason about why you are applying again sometimes. Once you decide to apply again you can contact your recruiter. You can say that you've learned and practiced a lot since the last time, if that's true, and that you want to try again.

So, if rejected once don't feel sad at all. There will be new opportunities in the future.