Site Migration

Recently we migrated the website to a new setup.

What changes?

The previous portal has served HiredInTech for many years. It contained all the course materials, offered the ability to submit source code solution to our practice tasks and contained a few quizzes to test your knowledge.

This previous website is based on a Ruby on Rails app (GitHub repo). The app grading source code solution is also based on Rails (GitHub repo).

Over time it became harder to maintain the applications as they need updating and fixing of bugs. We decided that the additional value provided by having a full-fledged web application behind HiredInTech did not justify the additonal cost for maintenance and hosting. Because of that we decided to migrate the existing portal to a static website, which is much cheaper and easier to host and maintain (hopefully…).

In this new website, you still have access to all the content that is available on the old website. We updated some parts that were outdated and started adding more content where it is missing.

Please let us know if you notice that something is missing or broken.

Quizzes and practice tasks

The old portal contained a few quizzes and practice tasks that could be graded by our servers. We estimated that the benefits of the quizzes were not so big and will still look for an alternative solution that could work in the new website. The practice tasks are still available in the lessons on the new website. There are also solutions provided for them. It is just not possible to submit source code solutions for them. We believe that nowadays website like LeetCode offer a much richer environment for practicing on such problems. They already have categories of problems and the ability to submit solutions in various programming languages.

User accounts

The old portal offerred the possibility to sign up and have an account. This allowed to track progress through our lessons, to use the quizzes and to submit source code. Because we are removing quizzes and problem submissions there is not much value in asking people to sign up. This simplifies the set up and reduces the risk of privacy accidents with your personal information.

What is the same?

We keep all the content that was previously available. In fact the content got updated and we will work to improve it by adding more lessons and blog posts. You can still reach us at team at or through the contact widget at the lower-right corner.

Let us know your thoughts about this change.